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Money-Back Guarantee
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Standard Features

Apache Server
Control your own Apache server. Your Web pages will be served by the industry-standard Apache server. You can also modify or restart the server remotely.

CGI-bin Access
Run custom CGI programs. Good websites are more than just static HTML pages. CGI programs are what give sites flexibility and power. Through cgi-bin access, you can handle databases, create web pages on the fly, and much more. You can create your own programs, or choose from readily available commercial or free software.

CGI Library
Get started quickly with our CGI Library. No matter what you want to do with your site, chances are someone has already written a script to do it.

PHP4 (Apache mod_php)
Use PHP for server-side scripting. PHP's strengths include support for a wide range of databases, as well as powerful text processing. (

SQL Database Tools: build complex databases using server-side scripting
Databases are hot right now. In fact, if you want to store dynamic content or complex user information for your Web site - you're pretty much hosed without one.

GlobalServers VPS products have been designed with your real-world database needs in mind. Our virtual servers support a wide range of databases with conveniently installed templates for the following:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MiniSQL
  • Berkeley DB
  • DBM
  • Empress

But wait.there's more. We also provide you with powerful tools to interface with your database, including support for phpMyAdmin for easy administration of your MySQL database. We also provide pre-installed libraries for the latest versions of Perl, PHP, Python and C/C++.

Here's how customers have used databases to enhance their sites:

  • Create attractive, highly dynamic web sites
  • Enable searchable onsite data
  • Keep important data that can't be lost
  • Create a full-featured shopping cart
  • Maintain and organize customer information (CRM tools)

We're proud to support most popular open source databases that are supported on Red Hat Linux.

MySQL Access
Build your database with MySQL. One of the most popular and useful database servers, MySQL will allow you to quickly store and retrieve data. (

PostgreSQL Access
Build your database with PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL will allow you to quickly store and retrieve data. (

Python, TCL, C, C++
Use powerful programming languages. CGI programming is not limited to Perl and PHP. You can use other language such as Python, TCL, C, or C++.

Perl 5 (Apache mod_perl)
Speed up your scripts. The combination of mod_perl and the Apache server results in a dramtic increase in Perl script execution speed — up to one hundred times faster. Not only that, but mod_perl allows you to integrate custom modules into Apache itself.

SSI: Server Side Includes
Make your content dynamic. Server-Side Includes allow you to generate parts of HTML pages as they are being served. Whether it's just the date and time or the entire contents of a separate file, including data through SSI gives your site much more flexibility.

RealAudio and RealVideo Support
Serve streaming audio and video files. Make your site come to life with audio and video.

Flash & Shockwave Support
Serve Flash or Shockwave multimedia files on your site.

Webmin Control Panel
Control your server through a Web-based interface.

Microsoft FrontPage Support
Build professional sites quickly with Microsoft FrontPage. Frontpage is a premier site-building tool providing real-world programming features to the average user. Adding features such as counters, guestbooks, message boards, etc. typically requires programming knowledge, but our FrontPage compatibility allows you to use Microsoft FrontPage to create and manage these features quickly and easily! (

Unlimited Domain Pointers
No matter how many domains you have, you can point them all to your server.

Have additional questions, or wondering how to get started? Give one of our technical advisors a call at
1-866 HOSTED1 (1-866-467-8331). Or you can simply sign up online. Just contact our technical support if you need help at any point along the way!

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