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Our Software

We’ve got the right stuff. There’s almost nothing you can’t do with this software. Well maybe that’s boastful, but read on here.

Our GlobalServers hosting technology is based on the virtual private server concept using SWsoft's Virtuozzo and backed up by HSPcomplete management software. So you can have high confidence with us.

Our VPS technology allows each server machine to be partitioned into a number of independent computers housed on the same hardware. So you have access to advanced features that are typically only available with a dedicated server solution – at a fraction of the cost.

Rest assured that your virtual server use is both secured and maximized. It’s just like using a true dedicated server. You have true excess capacity at your disposal, to accommodate workload increases, failover and even redundancy.

Through HSPcomplete, you will be able to control Virtuozzo technology as well as your own applications and online services. Your control panel displays resource utilization in key areas such as bandwidth and disk space, log file access and other administrative information.

In addition, you may install applications easily. With just a few clicks, add programs and adjust specific modules within them. And manage online services such as domains, e-mail boxes and other subscriptions.

Acting as a mission control, HSPcomplete enables you to handle all user and customer accounts with ease. Using a GUI interface, you can centralize all hosting tasks associated with these accounts rather than rely on command line interfaces – or even expensive consultants.

We encourage you to learn more about Virtual Private Servers right now. Really see how all this software’s used. Check out an overall definition of how VPS works as well as overall VPS advantages. You will be impressed by what’s possible with today’s technology.

Have additional questions, or wondering how to get started? Give one of our technical advisors a call at
1-866 HOSTED1 (1-866-467-8331). Or you can simply sign up online. Just contact our technical support if you need help at any point along the way!

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