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Money-Back Guarantee
GlobalServers is proud to offer our money-back guarantee. No strings attached! > Details

GlobalServers Billing Policy

GlobalServers offers a variety of services related to the Internet. Payment for these services can be made via credit card. GlobalServers may also offer additional forms of payment, such as PayPal or Certified Check. By signing up for any of the services offered by GlobalServers, you agree to the terms and conditions stated in this billing policy.

Top-level domain registration, if offered, is only on an annual or multi-year basis, and the term of service begins on the day the registration is purchased and ends on the anniversary date of the registration after the registration period has elapsed. PLEASE NOTE: Top-level domain registration cannot be cancelled and cannot be refunded in whole or in part.

Current hosting services are sold over different billing periods. Currently these payment options include annual and month-to-month. For the purposes of this agreement, the date and time of any transaction will be the date and time in the U.S. Mountain Time Zone, including adjustments for Daylight Savings Time.

For some services, a one-time setup fee may apply. The amount of the setup fee will be specified along with other pricing information for particular service packages.

Payment Details

Depending on selected GlobalServers contract duration and package level, subscribers will be responsible for different payments. Based on our current billing system, a new subscriber may pay a pro-rated monthly amount, depending upon the effective date of the new subscription. Then at the beginning of the following calendar month, the subscriber will pay the full monthly charge. Annual subscribers commit to a full 12 months, but also pay by month. Billing system and charging schedule subject to change. Any offers and trials will apply as specified on the GlobalServers’ website.

Cancellation of Service

Top-level domain registration cannot be cancelled and cannot be refunded in whole or in part.

You may terminate other services by calling 1-800-396-1999. PLEASE NOTE: an early cancellation fee of $20 will apply to any service term longer than one month. No refunds will be granted for any service term of one month or less, nor for any service costing $20 or less.

NO partial-month reimbursements will be given. Once a new month starts, that entire month becomes non-refundable. Account termination due to any violation of the User Agreement will result in automatic forfeiture of all funds.

Other Provisions

Use of bandwidth in excess of stated limits will be charged at a rate of 50¢ per Gigabyte (GB) or any part thereof. Excess bandwidth charges will be billed on a monthly basis at the beginning of each month.

We reserve the right to change this Billing Policy at any time. If you feel the changes are unacceptable, you may cancel your service as described in the Cancellation of Service section of this agreement.

GlobalServers is not responsible for any loss of funds due to foreign currency exchange.

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